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Welcome to the Mr247Bet Expert-Rated Casinos directory, which contains the most reliable online casino reviews. All casinos in the directory have been vetted using strict CasinoRank criteria, augmented with Mr247Bet expert reviews, and paired with player reviews. This page provides in-depth information about each online venue featured on our website.

Expert Rated Casino

Expert Rated casinos are online platforms that are reviewed by industry experts. These experts provide accurate details of the casino from their point-of-view, rating the sites and focusing on the most important criteria and features. Each casino is evaluated using a detailed checklist, and the reviews provided are always up-to-date, unbiased, and genuine.

Expert rated casino reviews like these make it easy for players to locate safe and reliable online casinos from the hundreds available.

How Expert Rated Casinos are Reviewed

Below, we'll examine important facets of highly regarded experts' casino reviews and bring you closer to the method behind their creation so that you know what to count on.

Game Variance

When analysing casinos, game variance is a primary consideration among experts. Everyone knows that the main attraction of online casinos is the opportunity to play various games. The available games area, reviewed by industry professionals, includes information on every possible fun a player can have at an online casino. This way, prospective customers can get a feel for the games before committing.

Players at online casinos need to have a large selection of games from which to choose, both in quantity and variety. The best online casinos will have at least a thousand games available to their customers, while the norm is between five hundred and seven hundred. When it comes to options, you likely want to play everything from online slots and jackpots to table games and a live casino, with extras like bingo, keno, scratch cards, and more for good measure.

There are a few things that expert rated casinos have that help distinguish them from others. It's their filtering system. Although vastly undervalued, gamers of all skill levels find them immensely helpful for finding exciting new titles to explore. Bonus points go to online casinos when you discover they provide exclusive games.

Mobile Optimization

The popularity of mobile gaming has skyrocketed in recent years. This is why mobile optimisation is at the forefront of expert rated casino reviews. You can count on reviews that score how mobile-friendly a casino is. They let punters know things like the gaming experience and whether or not they need to download any special software. Smartphones have become the symbol of modern convenience, and consequently, the majority of online casinos now cater to mobile users.

The availability of games is the foundation of a solid mobile offering for gamers at an online casino. It's unacceptable for an online service to provide mobile access to merely 20–40% of its game library. The norm is around 60%, but the better establishments will have 95% or more of the games you like to play. Professionals anticipate finding native Android and iOS apps at reputable casinos.

The standard of their apps is one aspect that has been revisited. It must function without interruption or crash and be simple for a high rating. Finding games should be a walk in the park. Thus a high rating would go to an intense search and filter mechanism. In the competitive world of mobile internet gambling, it takes a lot to break into the top 10 list.

Customer Support

Another crucial feature of credible online casinos is readily accessible customer assistance. Reviews of casinos by industry professionals provide a full breakdown of available methods of contacting the establishment. There will always be issues that need fixing; naturally, people want to know how to do that right away. In this case, casino patrons require assistance from the customer service department.

The best ways to contact or get help from an online casino should be laid forth in a review. You can contact them via email, phone, live chat, and a help centre. The most excellent virtual gambling establishments will have customer service available at all hours, usually through a live chat. A strong score requires either that or committed hours seven days a week, if not both.

Both the speed and quality of response are crucial. A high-grade live chat service can answer inquiries precisely and completely without further elaboration. Acceleration is acceptable if they can complete it in one minute or less, with 1-3 being even better. Once more, ease of access is paramount. Making someone click through 12 pages to obtain contact information isn't polite. The best online gambling sites will have a live chat option that only takes one click.


Expert-rated casinos are also evaluated based on the security measures they have in place to safeguard players' private information and money.

The security of online casino players is a significant concern, and rightly so. Since your payment method information will be shared throughout casinos, you should only use secure payment methods. Online casinos' reputation for safety is especially crucial because players must sometimes reveal sensitive personal information as part of the lawful verification process.

What, then, should we expect from the most highly regarded casinos regarding security? The minimum is to follow the responsible gambling guidelines imposed by the state. The most reputable online gambling sites will provide reliable gaming environments. If an online casino doesn't use SSL encryption, we penalise them. Having its content licensed in many states is a plus because it implies more businesses will keep an eye on it.


A valid gambling licence is a necessity for an online casino. This is also one of the first things that are taken into consideration in expert rated casino reviews. You will find the information in the first lines of a casino's licensing application, irrespective of the jurisdiction from which the casino acquired its licence.

The casino's reputation is another crucial factor to consider. This includes whether or not it has won any awards and whether or not it is affiliated with a well-known land-based casino.


Great bonuses are one of the most eye-catching features a casino can provide for its customers. This is because the various bonuses and rewards offer players an advantage from the moment they join up and throughout their playing time. This is a must-have for any casino worthy of the Expert rating.

At the very least, the most excellent online casinos should match deposits made by their players by 100%, up to or more than $750. Bonuses that increase by a factor of two or three are icing on the cake. That can be accomplished by including a no-deposit bonus and free spins in addition to the deposit match.

Experts recommend a no-deposit bonus of at least $30 and free spins over 100 or more. One of the best online casinos you'll find is the one that offers all that and still requires you to wager 15 times your bonus.


Numerous developers offer various games for gamers to enjoy and even profit from.

How do you define a high-quality software product? Casinos with a high expert rating will typically have thirty or more software titles available. If more than 12 games at a casino come from significant developers like NetEnt, IGT, and Pragmatic Play, then they're doing something right. Having the casino's proprietary software is also a plus.

Experts also check for the presence of online live casinos. Your search is over if it can be accessed anytime and appears to be broadcasting live from an actual casino. This is considered online casino software since it is tied to the provider's reputation, ability to strike partnerships with brick-and-mortar casinos, and capacity to manage round-the-clock action. Payment Methods Payment Methods are how players send in their funds to play games in the first place. And winning games is useless if withdrawal is impossible, especially with an easily accessible withdrawal method.

Expert-rated casinos should feature at least ten payment methods for an above-average grade and above 15 for the best possible score. 8 or 9 of those were from widely used ways like Discover, MasterCard, PayPal, and Play+.

Limits on deposits and withdrawals are also necessary, although their absence is preferable. When deposit limits are in place, we prefer to see a minimum of $5 and a maximum of $50,000 monthly.

Withdrawal limits of over $50,000 per month and a minimum of $10 are welcome additions. There shouldn't be any operator costs, and being able to pay out at a brick-and-mortar casino is a big plus.


A casino may have the best payment methods and game libraries in the world, but you wouldn't play there if the sign-up process or navigating the site took an eternity.

Easy registration is the first distinguishing feature of Expert rated casinos. When it takes more than five minutes, it becomes stressful. Secondly, requesting a bonus is a breeze. Expert-rated casinos either automatically apply promotions to players or make it easy to activate them with a single click.

Finding your way around the online casino platform is also essential. Having a search bar and logical organisation of the many gaming categories and genres is helpful. The top websites include elaborate filtering tools that allow games to be arranged in various ways, from payout to theme. An additional point is awarded for a live chat that follows you as you navigate between pages.

Other Criteria

Of course, there's more to a virtual gambling establishment than what's been mentioned so far. The rest of the data we think players should know is detailed below:

  • Affiliate Program
  • Restricted countries
  • Casino type
  • RTP
  • Currencies
  • Languages
  • Player Reviews and Ratings
  • How to Choose the Right Casino

It is a challenging task to find the best casino. However, following our bullet points below will help you zero in on the specifics that matter most when deciding on a casino.

Take the time to read Expert rated casino reviews.

Test out the casino using the free play option available before depositing. Ensure that the casino is available in your country of residence. Explore the casino's features and games you need for optimised gameplay. Analyse the casino's options to see if your preferred payment methods are available. Check for and stick to licensed casinos. As a bonus, look at the Terms and Conditions for unfavourable options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out the most frequent questions about the expert-rated casinos

We constantly update the system. Whenever we spot something new, or there's an update in regulations, or we see that operators are changing their offerings in an area (either new and improved bonuses or a new top software provider starts bringing its games to the US market, etc.), we review the system and make any alterations we believe could improve it.

For one, you may learn more about the games and bonuses, safety and banking options, customer service, and responsible gambling options available at a particular online casino by reading reviews of that site. As a bonus, they simplify comparing several casinos by emphasising their strengths and weaknesses.

All Expert rated casinos review evaluations are backed up or contested by experts who have played at the casino. In other words, these casino games and the website are put to the test. They check to see if customer care is available during the advertised hours, examine the terms and conditions to ensure they are reasonable, and so on.

Checking for official authorization from the appropriate authorities is one way to determine whether or not a particular online casino is trustworthy. This data is included at the bottom of each page and in the site's Terms and Conditions.

The welcome bonus is the most typical type of bonus. In most cases, it is a deposit match, meaning that you will receive additional funds in addition to your initial deposit. Free spins are an extra perk offered at some virtual casinos. It's uncommon, but sometimes casinos will provide no-deposit incentives like free spins or cash just for signing up.

The accepted methods of payment will vary from one casino to the next. You can generally use Visa, Mastercard, and American Express to make a deposit or withdrawal at an online casino.

A few online casinos have apps available for both Android and iOS. These apps offer a variety of formats tailored to your mobile device. The mobile site will still serve your needs if you do not download an app instead. Sites built with HTML5 will automatically adjust to the screen size of most mobile devices, and you can toggle between full-screen and standard viewing by tilting your device horizontally.